Gardening tip: A Tomato Kit

by SmithorJones on June 1, 2009

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img_7344When we were young and silly, we had a joke amongst our group. At a restaurant, as we were finishing up and getting ready to leave someone would invariably ask “did you leave a tip?” And then some smart-alek amongst us would say – “oh, right, let me borrow your pen – and then write a note for the waitress – ‘plant your corn early.'” We thought ourselves quite amusing. And yes, someone would leave a real tip.

I thought of that this morning when I noticed that a couple of my tomato seedlings had sprouted! Mixed with the excitement of something actually GROWING, I worried that perhaps I am off to a rather late “start” for seeds. Fortunately, the growing season in California is a fairly long one – so hopefully it will be long enough for these.

Speaking of tomatoes – we have seen a LOT of those fun hanging tomato growers this season in our travels about the area.  So far, no actual tomatoes, but they’re very popular this season from the looks of things.

This kit also looks like a really nice option!

Product description from Gardner’s Supply (click the picture to go to their web site)

Organic Tomato Success Kit, Terra Cotta
Our Tomato Success Kits have helped thousands of gardeners — from beginners to experts — grow big crops of delicious tomatoes. These foolproof kits are now even better! With the addition of an all-organic growing medium, your tomatoes will be tastier and more nutritious than ever before. It all starts with our patented self-watering planter. Our own field tests prove that tomatoes grown in these success kits out-produce garden-grown plants by 30% or more, with fewer disease and pest problems. These kits include everything you need for a bumper crop. The heart of the system is our patented self-watering planter with a 4-gallon reservoir that lets you enjoy self-watering convenience, while your plants receive a steady flow of water and nutrients all season long. A strong, rust-resistant steel support cage clips on to prevent plants from toppling. We also include 40 quarts of OMRI-certified Organic Self-Watering Container Mix; 1 lb. of our Organic Tomato Fertilizer, and a sheet of red plastic mulch to speed ripening and help boost yields. Add the optional Cage Extension for extra-tall tomatoes Optional Casters (sold separately) make the kit easy to move There is no more convenient or foolproof way to grow your own delicious harvest of organic tomatoes — we guarantee it! Kit includes our Self-Watering Planter, Tomato Yield Booster Mulch, one Tomato Support Cage, 40 quarts of Organic Container Mix, 1 pound of organic 5-6-5 fertilizer (contains peanut meal) and a top-fill tube with water level indicator; tomato plants not included Organic Container Mix contains responsibly-harvested Canadian peat, limestone, perlite, beneficial mycorrhizae and sea-based compost (contains seaweed and ground shrimp shells) Self-Watering Planter: 26″ L x 19-3/4″ W x 10-1/2″ H Tomato Cage: 15″ W x 22″ D x 31″ H with 7″ legs (38″ overall) Rust-resistant cage clips prevent toppling Gardener’s Supply Exclusive


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