Spring Cleaning

by SmithorJones on May 12, 2009

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whitetulips-255We decided that this year we were going to clean out the floor registers before it got too hot – and then when the time comes we can just flip the switch to the AC and hopefully enjoy the relief from the heat without the ensuing headache that happens (we assume from dust in the vents) after we first turn on the AC. So, Smitty took the floor registers out to the front lawn and gave them a bit of a “power wash”, while I vacuumed out the vents. As we were putting the registers back all nice and clean – I noticed something moving on the floor. It looked very much like THIS only without the natural habitat of grasses.  And IT GOT AWAY! We tried to kind of round it up with the broom, but the dumb lizard – hmmm…now that I’m thinking about it maybe it was a smart lizard – decided to run for cover instead. After a thorough search we can only assume it’s found a nice hiding spot in my office somewhere in an inaccessible spot. I really believe it’s too much to hope that it found it’s way out the front door eventually.   If she was living in one of the vents – her access has just been eliminated.  Just wish if we have to have a lizard in the house, it was a cute little gecko instead of a sinister looking small dragon.  Although this article says geckos can hang from the ceiling.  That kind of gives me the shivers – I can imagine waking up at night with a bright moon, looking up at the ceiling, and seeing the house lizard up there.  So, all things considered – the deep cleaning list continues – check off floor registers – ADD vermin abatement.


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