Still perking along

by SmithorJones on May 4, 2009

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We’ve both got the “swine rhinovirus” (as Chief Inspector Clouseau might call it) – AKA “the common cold”.  Sean had it first, though kept it mostly to himself  since he now has his own place.  Then, I went home to visit my son and his family, and on the way just about everyone on the train was coughing and making other rude noises of being sick, the son’s family had colds, and it was just a matter of time before it finally landed here.  So, now Smitty and I are both enduring a springtime cold, but otherwise are still perking along. We have been enjoying a spring rain for the last few days.  No wind to speak of, but some pretty decent downpours.  The lawn is most appreciative.  IMG_7024The hummingbirds are in full swing.  They’re downing a couple of quarts a day of nectar from the three feeders.  And the apple tree has finally finished leafing out.

(I spared it this year and didn’t prune it.)

Speaking of nectar and perking – well, we don’t, we drip – but we’re getting close to needing a new coffeemaker. My old one is wheezing now. Haven’t shopped for one in quite some time, and wow – things have changed in the last decade in the coffeemaker options! The kids – as in my 30-something son and his wife – have one like this. It makes pretty good coffee too.  I think we still have time to shop though, so will just put that one on the list of candidates and continue the search.  I’m pretty sure this one is not in the running – and besides, our counterspace is limited. 😉  Oh the Americanos Smitty could make with this baby though, heh?

And since we’re window-shopping here – I’ll share the  cool looking earbudsearbuds that I found at  They’re on sale this week, so if you’re an iPod or you know – just about any MP3 player –  user,  or a medical transcriptionist (I use them for my work too), this looks like it might be a good deal – so I thought I’d pass it along. (If that link doesn’t take you to them, just go to and do a search for iFrogz earbuds.)


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