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by SmithorJones on May 1, 2009

in JonesGirl

Just noticed that for some reason, most of the links to “Popular Posts” and “Recent posts”, stuff like that, seem to want to go to Smitty’s Insurance blog and the article, “Which is Best, Blue Cross or Blue Shield?” Now, granted, that was a nice informative article that apparently many people have wondered about – but it has never been our intention to link every sidebar link on the family blog to it. Currently, I’m stumped as to why this is happening. Could be this theme has a bug, could be I accidentally added or deleted something in the code that is causing it – but just wanted to mention that it’s not something intentional. I don’t even know HOW the article first added itself to the blog (below), but I figured it was no big deal when it showed up there. Only now it’s infiltrated my sidebar links – so now it’s getting annoying. I’ll keep working on it. It’s probably that dang Flux Capacitor again.

Edited to add: It seems to be fixed now.  As you were. 😉


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