Downsizing: Propane edition.

by SmithorJones on April 26, 2009

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As we look for ways to downsize and conserve, we find we’re using less, and so don’t actually need as MUCH storage sometimes.  We had recently gotten to the point that our huge propane tank was far too costly to refill, and so started the search for a better alternative.  Meanwhile, we used portable propane bottles – you know, the kind you run your gas grill with?  Yep.  For the house.  It actually got to be a bit of a game to see how long we could make one last.  We still have room for improvement, but have done a pretty good job of trimming our use down to almost a bare minimum.  As soon as my clotheline is in place, then we’ll finally be down to the minimum use levels.

There are a number of different propane vendors in our area – and with some shopping, we found that the cost can vary as much as a dollar a gallon.  Our prior vendor was one of the more expensive ones!  And, they required a minimum of much more than we need.  So, we shopped around and found not only someone with a cheaper price for propane and delivery, but also a lower minimum to deliver – and this adorable little propane tank.  (I can’t decide if it resembles R2-D2 or a milk can the most.)

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