Simple joys hum in the rain.

by SmithorJones on April 10, 2009

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PetSmart - Wild Birdimg_6613We have been enjoying some April showers this week, and coincidentally, the arrival of the hummingbird hoards.  It’s such a treat to have them back in abundance.  I actually had forgotten just how much they consume though!  Fortunately, I still have the jars and have gone into full swing nectar making mode.  I think there’s more hummingbird food in my refrigerator than there is human food.  Well, perhaps that’s a slight overstatement, but the top shelf of our little fridge is mostly sugar water.  Each morning now the feeders are replenished. This week we are apparently a stop-over for a Rufous or two as they make their way back to higher elevations.  Normally, we don’t have any that nest around our house, so I won’t be surprised to see these golden colored birds move on in a week or so.  That’s what they did last year.  I saw this good size guy and a juvenile out there today.  They make an interesting “whirring” noise, quite different from the noise that the other hummers make.  Yeah, sort of amazes me that I know that much about them too.  I used to just think we had “little brown ones” – until I started paying closer attention, and now I can not only tell that they’re different colored, but also that they have distinctly different sounds.


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