Glowing Autumn

by SmithorJones on November 22, 2008

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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus

November 2008 autumn glow
Autumn finally made it up the driveway.  The sun sits at an angle that is just right at a certain time of day to make the crepe myrtle leaves glow.  I wish I could capture it better with the camera, but here’s a glimpse.

The hummingbird action is almost at a standstill.  We still have a few fellas that swing by for a swig, but pretty much most of them are down Mexico way, I’m thinking.

They hydroseeded the hillside next to us yesterday.  I guess the weather report for rain later in the week is one they’re taking seriously.  They’re really making headway now on getting trenches dug and pipe in.

November 2008 hydroseeded hillside

Looks like maybe this time next year they’ll finally have structures in place.

Last weekend we got gutters cleaned, put away tools, like rakes and such, and did some miscellaneous “autumn cleaning” around the place.  Then, since I was in the cleaning mode, and some friends had given us a (new to us) printer,  I decided my entire office needed to be re-arranged.  So, I hauled just about everything out of it, cleaned really well, tossed a bunch of stuff and then a friend helped Michael move my desk to a better spot.  As it turns out, we need a special cable for the printer, so it’s still just a “copy machine” for now until we can get the cable.  But my office looks great!


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