That nagging feeling…

by SmithorJones on April 7, 2009

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Do you ever get that nagging feeling that you have forgotten something? Like, if your head wasn’t attached, you’d probably run off without it?

Starting a new job – the first couple of weeks are usually mind-bending to say the least. You’re trying to remember everything your orientation or training taught, then get it all done in the time allotted, do it correctly, and oh yeah – I won’t be at my desk so I need to remember to bring something to stay hydrated, pack the lunch, what about coffee – did I remember my hat/how about my wallet? Oh geeze – I need to be there in five minutes! Yep, got my phone and the super duper secret decoder ring they gave us! OK….I’m off!

Occasionally….just occasionally, something gets left on the front porch.bottleporch


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