As reasonable facsimilie recipes go…

by SmithorJones on April 2, 2009

in Cooking, Recipe:Dessert

This “Starbucks Holiday Gingerbreadpdf recipe comes pretty close. sbgb-600I have still not figured out how to cook it in a loaf pan and have the middle come out completely cooked through, holiday_gingerbreadso mine doesn’t look like theirs – but if you use a regular cake pan it works great – and mine comes pretty close in taste.  It’s not a conventional “gingerbread” recipe – there’s no molasses in it (which is what I think of when I think “conventional gingerbread”) – but there is ginger, and one surprise ingredient – at least it was a surprise to me.

Let’s just say it’s not likely to be one of the first things you’d think of if you were trying to come up with a combination of spices for a cake.


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