Autumn falls…

by SmithorJones on October 28, 2008

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“Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.” — Robert Benchley

Fall at the parkWe’ve been waiting.  So far, autumn hasn’t made it up our driveway to our house quite yet.  The neighbors just below us have a yardful of fallen leaves, but just like the other seasons, it’s taking a while before it gets all the way up our street, and we have only the slightest beginnings evident now.  The rose – the one the deer cant reach! – is setting new buds for flowers, so it just might get one more flush before time to hibernate.

The park down the street is showing some pretty fall colors.  We occasionally go down there to walk, and yesterday we saw this pretty vine growing up one of the little oak trees.  Well, I guess they aren’t really “little” oak trees.  The folks who have lived here in the foothills most of their lives think they’re big, but they’re puny little things compared to the ones on the coast so they appear little to me.  It took me the longest time to remember that these little scrub oaks are really oak trees.

So, anyway, not much else new around the homestead.  Same routine mostly.  The backyard project is still in full swing.  They’ve got pipe installed now for some type of utility, I guess either water or sewer.  They even laid some coarse gravel last week for a “road” that they’re using.  I assume eventually it will be an actual street.


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