My “Go To” Brownies

by SmithorJones on March 26, 2009

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img_5769You know those recipes that you have on hand that are pretty much your “basic” – you can build on them, or they’re fine just as they are – and they are usually made from stuff you regularly keep in the pantry? I’ve got a Brownie recipe I use like that. When the sudden urge for something snack-like hits, or your offspring come home and say – oh, that’s right, we’re supposed to bring the snack tomorrow – you have your choice of Snickerdoodles or, if you shop like me – these brownies. If you have baking chocolate squares (unsweetened work best), flour, sugar, eggs, butter and vanilla in the larder – and really if you don’t you should have a medical reason why not – you can whip up a batch of these brownies on a whim. There are better brownie recipes out there. Even some boxed brownie mixes are just as good – but if you don’t have ingredients on hand for them (or the mix), and you feel like brownies – this recipe saves you a trip to the store. The baking chocolate squares package says you can microwave the butter and chocolate squares to melt them. I have TERRIBLE success* with this recipe if I do that. So, I rig up a double-boiler using a medium size sauce pot with a vegetable steamer insert, and then a small pot set inside the steamer, put the butter and chocolate squares in it, and stir until they’re melted. THEN – sweet success 100% of the time. *(Mind you – if you muff this recipe and it doesn’t come out perfect in texture/consistency, just scoop it out of the cake pan into a bowl, and drop some really good quality vanilla ice cream on top of it – and eat it with a spoon. That works too. Trust me here!) That link above takes you to the PDF file that you can print out with the recipe. It’s a piece of cake – really!


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