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by SmithorJones on October 16, 2008

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“Wherever you are, it is your own friends who make your world.” — William James

Porch Kitty CollageNot sure…maybe it’s the neighbor “gal,” I’m not really sure yet, as we’re not quite that close.  But this is our newest “friend.”  He’s been hanging out at our house for a few weeks.  Sometimes he’s in the garage waiting to come inside when we open the kitchen door to toss something in the trash, sometimes he’s hanging out on the porch admiring the hummingbird action above.  He’s quite the lover, and wants nothing more than to talk and rub and purr…and if someone would pluck him one of those fine-feathered fluttery things, he likely wouldn’t be adverse to a little “schnack” occasionally too.  But, really, he’s fine with just hanging around and stirring things up around the hummy feeders.  It’s quite comical watching the hummers “hover” over him and eye him menacingly, and then fly off.  He’s oblivious.  (If you want to see the indiviual pics, click on the collage above, and it should take you to the set on Flickr.)


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