Smitty’s Scarf

by SmithorJones on March 23, 2009

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Now, doesn’t he look NICE in this scarf? It’s called a Seamen’s scarf, and I made it in an Extra Tall size. He was OK for posing for the pictures for it, but he has assured me he’s not a scarf guy. 🙁

Just as well, I guess – we’ll be sweating bullets soon enough now that Spring is here and Summer’s up next. I’ll just retire it to a quiet spot in the house – doesn’t it look kind of cool hanging here next to the hats? – and maybe it will grow on him.


Want the particulars?

Well, you can read all about it on my knit blog – or here’s the gist:

I made it from a pattern I found in a book called Stahman’s Shawls & Scarves (scroll down on that page and you’ll eventually come to it). I used wool yarn, in a worsted weight, called Cascade 220.

Cascade 220 is kind of like a knitter’s basic “staple” yarn. They make it in quite a few colors (more than shown below, but this gives an idea) – and I usually buy it when I can find a good sale on it at the same time as we have a few extra bucks. I like to make felted clogs (slippers) from it.

There’s a neat pattern from Fiber Trends by Bev Galeskas for felted clogs. They look like something that would fit Shrek when you first make them, then you put them in the washer and agitate them and they shrink down to the size of your foot. Cheap thrills – and warm feet!

So, anyway, back to the scarf. The yarn also makes texture like this or cables beautifully too. The design in this scarf shows up by alternating smooth with bumpy surface texture forming half-diamonds. It’s also made so that the part that goes behind the neck is more like ribbing so it kind of scrunches up naturally, and just the fronts of the scarf have the design on them.

Almost everything I knit is done on circular needles. The size I needed for this scarf I had in 40″ Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles These needles are so nice to knit with. They’re nickle plated, and have really well designed cables – I actually think mine were more like 32 inch cables though, not 40″ like in this link. But, they come in all sizes. I tend to buy longer cabled needles because I make things using a technique called “Magic Loop” frequently, and you need the longer cables for that type of knitting.


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