Sheep Butt Hill

by SmithorJones on August 4, 2008

in Gold Country

Sheep on top of Sheep Butt HillIn our neck of the woods, there is an “irregularly shaped ridge” on the way to the little town of “Milton, California” which is apparently dubbed “Sheep Butt Hill.”  At first I just figured it was a little local colloquialism, and likely it is, but I also found that this is also a Scottish descriptive term for an irregularly shaped ridge.  And this ridge is definitely that – only with sheep parking in it.  It’s the funniest sight to drive by it, and look up and notice that some of what seems like rocks, are really sheep butts – the sheep stand with their heads under the shade of the ridge, and their little hiney-butts facing the sun. Sheep on top of Sheep Butt Hill We stopped to get pictures today, and out from one of the little “cave” type holes, came a couple of Great Pyraneese livestock guardian dogs – and they were absolutely serious about their job too.

(Click for bigger pics.)

Livestock Guardian Dog


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