July 2008 Wrap-up

by SmithorJones on July 31, 2008

in Hummingbirds, weather

I love crepe myrtle – especially when there is a hummingbird or two in it. My white crepe myrtle finally has bloomed. The pink one still hasn’t set buds yet, but it’s usually a late bloomer, so I haven’t given up hope for it this year. They had a rough April with that late hard frost we got. The white one has overcome that adversity nicely though, and there are bees and hummingbirds by the dozens in it each day.

It has been a hot July this year – punctuated by the huge fires burning all around the northern part of the state – so smokey too. Of late it has been relatively clear in our neck of the woods, but there has been another big one burning over in Mariposa near Yosemite this past week.

One more month of summer and we can start hoping for cooler days, and
hopefully some rain to fill the dwindling reservoirs with…last season
was just too dry.

So long July! It’s been real!


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