“Than”=”Preferrable”, “Then”=”Next”

by SmithorJones on March 22, 2009

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Pet peeve number – oh, I dunno, maybe cagillion…

I guess that makes me a “peevish” person, then, heh? Oops!

Actually, I did not realize that there was a misunderstanding of how the words were actually used. I just assumed it was because some people write what they “hear” and it sometimes sounds like we are saying the word then for than or visa versa. However, a quick “google” of “use of the words then and than” shows up that they are indeed confusing to some! I’ll be dipped. I guess we must have had teachers that explained things better back in the late ’50s/early ’60s. (And yes, I know the title of this post is an over-simplification, but it would take many more words than a title allows for to state their actual meaning.) Here is a PDF file that explains their usage and pronunciation, since I have not even the slightest doubt you, dear reader, would be any less fascinated by the subject than I am.

At the very least, this little search helped me get a different perspective on why some folks confuse them. I don’t think I’ll list it my “pet peeve” column anymore. Although – the word “prolly” still invokes a gag reflex and it PROBABLY will never leave that particular column.mpmyers.com


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