Recession Gardening – Ladybugs and other helpers.

by SmithorJones on March 24, 2009

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It seems like “everybody” is getting in to gardening this year. Or, at least planning to! Even the first lady is getting a garden installed on the White House grounds. With as much information available to us via the Internet, we’ve sure got a lot more resources at our disposal for learning about gardens, supplying seeds, fertilizers, soil amendments and pest control.

One tidbit I recently gleaned in my search for garden ideas is the fact that – if your soil is clay-like – and I feel certain we could make pottery with our soil – it needs to be amended gradually over years to come up to a good soil quality. It wasn’t a big giant deal to accomplish – and instructions were given – OR (this was the cool idea I thought):

Put in a raised bed garden, like a Square Foot Garden, and, after a few years of doing that, the soil underneath will have been amended because you’ve been using good soil in your raised bed garden, and tending all that good stuff on TOP of your bad dirt. All of that good stuff gets worked down inside your claylike soil over time.

(Probably with help from the gofers tunneling underneath!) The mental picture I get of laying an expanse of hardware cloth on my back yard gofer-haven, building a square foot garden on top of that, and them trying with all their little rodent might to get to my squash plants, brings a twinkle to my eye. Win/win situation in my mind – frustrating gofers, having a nice nutrient-rich/water conserving garden, and fresh produce.

Now – for the OTHER garden pests. What natural ways are there out there to get rid of THEM?
Did you know you can get ladybugs in the mail?

You can also get praying mantis bugs in the mail.

And you can order them online. Click those ladybugs and you’ll see!

There are also some organic soap type things that help control aphids and fungus and other pesky garden blights, that these folks also carry, here’s the link:
Get Your Pharm Solutions Here!

I found a really nice website recently that is just full of great ideas for back yard gardening called Gardening Know How. They’ve worked very hard to get answers to most common questions about gardening, and they have some practical/doable ideas to help make gardening successful for just about any size garden.


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