Springtime Prelude Continues

by SmithorJones on March 9, 2009

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We were treated to absolutely beautiful weather this weekend. It was all sun and spring flowers everywhere. The daffodils are now in full bloom and in abundance around Gold Country. What a great way to start spring. The fruit trees and almonds are blooming as well. Of course, our little knoll is still just getting started. We have the daffodils opening, but the apple tree has yet to wake up. Just down the street though, it’s a different story.

BradshawsInSonora32009Saturday we took a drive over to Sonora to do an errand or two. While there, we ran into friends taking advantage of the great weather to have some fun shopping around. They’re getting ready to fly off to Jolly ol’ England, and apparently considering haberdashery options.

corvairconvThere was a Corvair sighting.
This cute little convertible was sitting just a few cars down from where we parked so we peeked at it a bit.corvairuph
Our friends, here, have a relative who also collects and restores Corvairs (although this was not their vehicle – it was just something we all ran across).  I try to get pictures to show Uncle Bob if I have the camera around when I find a local Corvair specimen.  😉

A Sunday afternoon walk treated us to more spring flowers.  It almost made the switch to daylight savings time a pleasure this year…more time to get out and enjoy the beauty of Spring.  Almost.  I personally think DST is some kind of evil conspiracy to keep me sleepy for most of the year.


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