Boys And Girls

by SmithorJones on March 6, 2009

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Or, perhaps:
Mars and Venus
istock_000003855937xsmallEver noticed how differently we think? Every now and then – I get reminded.

This morning:
I decide the bran muffin I’m having with my coffee is more than I want to finish, so ask Smitty if he wants the rest. We worked out that he’d be fine with it, so he takes the muffin.

He says to me – “Every time I eat one of these I think to myself:  ‘I wish I had one of Marie Calender’s bran muffins. Nobody makes bran muffins as good as Marie Calender’s.”

I take a sip of my coffee and muse. “Marie Calender’s is almost as good as Apple Farm.”

He says, “Nobody makes better bran muffins than Marie Calender’s.”

“Yes. I was complimenting the restaurant, I said,  ‘it’s almost as good as Apple Farm’ – that was a compliment.”

We both agree that Apple Farm is hard to beat, and that comparison is high praise.

We stayed at Apple Farm Inn for our first night of our honeymoon (a dream come true for me as a “perfect” beginning for our marriage) and woke up to have breakfast at their restaurant. Wow! I thought then – I’m actually here! I’m married, I’m in love, I’m waking up here and we’re having our first breakfast as a married couple here. (The Apple Farm comparison is a significant compliment in my mind.)

Smitty likes their apple sausage.

The talk of Marie Calender’s then took me back to another memory.

I was raised in a small town, (we never had such things as a Marie Calender’s restaurant. Even still – the closest one to my hometown is over 30 miles away). We had had animals as I grew up, mostly dogs and cats and chickens – and always I longed for a horse of my own, but we could never afford that. So, as I grew up, I ended up enjoying horses through my friends. Even as a young adult, I found myself drawn to “horsey” people, and as it turned out, a friend of mine raised and showed Arabian horses. I occasionally “ranch sat” for them when they were out of town. Kept the barn clean and the horses fed and turned out and tucked in at night. I loved it. They, in turn, occasionally took me along with them to some of the horse shows they entered. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven on those occasions.

It was at one of those horse shows, that I first went to a Marie Calender’s restaurant. I decide to share this memory with Smitty, who loves Marie Calender’s bran muffins. Train-of-thought, girl style.

“I remember, says I, the first time I ever ate at a Marie Calender’s, it was in the early 70’s and we were in Pomona, California at a BIG Arabian horse show.” I was in my early 20s. The Arabian horse “industry” was nearly in full swing at the time, and folks attending that event came from all over the US and some from other countries to show their beautiful and expensive horses. There were “famous” people there that I’d only read about since becoming interested in these creatures. I was awed by their “rigs” and the horses they showed.

I explained it all to my husband as a build up to my Marie Calender’s story as we sat sipping our coffee together before the day began.

“Big expensive trailers and big rig trucks brought these horses from all over the US to this show,” I explained. “We were there showing our friends’ horse – well, watching the trainer show their horse – and we were camping in the camper they had on the back of their pickup truck. These rich and famous people had set up big “Sheik of Araby style tents” around the stables to hold cocktail parties in, for their after-the-show victory celebrations. I remember being struck by the contrast of being just next door to a whole bunch of horse barns, and walking past a woman in an evening gown holding a glass of champagne in her hand.” I described it all in great, and enthusiastic detail to Smitty.

Then, I got to the part about Marie Calender’s.

“We all had gone to dinner with some friends we met up with after the show.  I was impressed by this nice restaurant!  (Remember, I’m from Po-dunk, California, this is all big stuff to me back then.)  This was also the first time I’d ever had warm bacon dressing on a spinach salad.  Wow!  Pinch me, I must be dreaming!  I’m in this place with these folks after a big horse show in Pomona, California.  When it came time for paying for the meal, I was stunned by the fact that the meal (which the menfolk all insisted they’d pick up the ticket for and the friends I was with won that argument) cost over $115 dollars! Stunned, I tell you!  I couldn’t imagine ever spending that much on “dinner with friends” – and here I was enjoying spinach salad with warm bacon salad dressing for the first time, in this fancy restaurant, after the big fancy Arabian horse show with all the famous people who attended – and my friends just picked up an over $100 dinner tab!”

Smitty says: “That was a lot of money back then….”takes a sip of coffee. “Speaking of Marie Calender’s,” he says, “I like their chili.”

Jonsey [virtually] smacks her forehead with palm of right hand.



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