Hummingbird tales

by SmithorJones on July 5, 2008

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Or is it “tails”? –

Hummingbird Collage - Click for Big

Just having a little fun with Picassa.  This little guy (click picture for the big size) was being all poser/photogenic for me the other day.  Looked like he was enjoying the opportunity to get his portfolio done.

We’re warming back up here.  The fourth was kind of cool but the air felt heavy and kind of muggy.  Everyone was all sleepy from it.  Today warmed up and it’s all UP from here, it would appear.  I guess that’s the way of it in the summertime around these parts.  (Around most parts of California this year – since even the folks in Arroyo Grande were up in the 100s a couple of weeks ago.)  And, then of course the whole state seemed to get lit on fire so we also get the smoke to breathe.  In the middle of a “drought” season.  I guess the hummers are happy for someone to keep filling up the feeders for them since so much of their habitat is currently unavailable to them.  Actually, the smoke up here seems to have cleared off for the most part.  We have just a kind of haze left now.

Michael and I watched “The Bucket List” last night. I really enjoyed it. It’s not “squeaky clean” – has a PG13 rating – but it is a feel good movie, and of course I crack up at Jack Nicholson’s sarcasm, so it was a winner with me. It’s amazing how many people out there seem to have been inspired to make up their own “bucket list” after seeing the movie. (I read one list and one of the things they had on the list was to learn how to handle their own tax forms, Jehovah’s Witnesses (huh???) and I forget the third one. I think they should re-word it to LISTEN to us. LOL. 😀


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