Well, I wouldn’t say “perfect” – but adequate works.

by SmithorJones on February 27, 2009

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istock_000002375989xsmallThe perfect press pot of coffee was okay. We can see how it’d would be a very good option if something (heaven forbid!) ever happened to the drip coffeemaker.  But, at least to our way of thinking, it proved to be more just a novelty than anything else.

We prefer the clear, filtered stuff.  This one had something of a muddy “attitude”.  It could have been that there were some fine grounds still in residence in the grinder we used to coarse-grind the coffee beans as directed. ( I must say, that definitely makes a difference in getting a good french press pot of coffee. ) So, at least we learned that trick.  We will probably make it this way again (we both liked the flavor okay), but it’s not like we’ve discovered gold or anything.  Just a nice fall-back method to brew up the beans.


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