Turnkey business for sale…

by SmithorJones on July 1, 2008

in Gold Country, JonesGirl

You know how sometimes you think to yourself –

I’d sure like to just have my own business, one that I know there’s a real demand for that will keep the roof over our heads, as well as provide a service to my community?

Big Chicken

I just can’t imagine a finer feeling than knowing you’ve done your best to provide your neighbors with the very best service for reasonable prices.  Especially in this day and age when things are just really tough all around.

I mean really, who WOULDN’T want a giant cast aluminum Leghorn for their yard?

Especially in the Sierra Foothills where that sort of thing is really hard to find?The Elk Section If chickens aren’t your thing, well, there’s all manner of wild horses, deer, elk, a jackass and even a bison.

Of course my favorite is the giraffe the size of a young pine tree.

Giraffe sculpture

Honestly – who WOULDN’T want one of these?

Sculpture business for sale

And look! The business is for sale.  All ready to just step into and take over the helm as it were.  Right there on the busy hiway that runs smak-dab through the middle of Jackson, California.

It’s a dream come true, I’m thinkin’!

Just sayin’. 8)

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