Can Spring be far off?

by SmithorJones on February 26, 2009

in Garden

Things are waking up out front. There are more hummingbirds this week too. The roses are opening their new leaves, and the hillsides are covered with a new-green “down.” Such are winters in California, unless of course you live in the high Sierra, and then it’s a whole different story.

This one lives in the flower pot with my grandmother’s rosebush, and there are quite a few more ready to bloom.

A couple of winters ago we had a surprize snow storm (using the term “storm” loosely here – we got about four inches of unexpected snow) in late March – and the daffodils that had bloomed in the pot were not happy about it.  It is a rare occurance for us to get snow of any measurable amount though, so it’s pretty safe to say this should be a nice display in a week.

I just wish we could SKIP summer.  Fall through Spring work for me.  Summer would be fine if it were maybe a month long, but I’m over it by then.


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