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by SmithorJones on February 22, 2009

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homoffice1The home office is slowly taking shape. The desk is still pretty small, but the elbow-room is sure nice.  This is, of course, Sean’s old room.  We had the carpets cleaned and Cat made curtains from what she calls a “manly” cloth, trying to kind of man-up the place as well as cozy it up, I guess. We had some extra pieces of furniture that we didnt have room for in other parts of the house, so they found their way into the new office space.  I guess it’s working so far.  At least my tax clients have someplace to sit if they need to come to my office.

closetshelvesThe closet already had shelves in it, so that makes for nice storage for office supplies.  Of course the whole thing is a work in progress.  There’s a big ugly desk I want to drag in here, but Cat’s not too wild about that idea.  (I really don’t think it’s ugly, but the JonesGirl has other ideas.)  I’m not sure what I thnk about the blanket rack in here, but for now I dont need that corner of the room, and Cat says that’s the “home” part of “home office.”  Oooookaaaay…



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