Weekend Wrap-Up

by SmithorJones on June 22, 2008

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It’s been a hot weekend.  And, apparently fire season is upon us, because today was a smoky day.  We reportedly had some fires started by lightening strikes.  No rain on us, just hot and kind of got a little muggy for a while yesterday – which was apparently the right condition for some grass fires around these golden hills.  It’s very dry.  We just finished a week with our circuit overseer.  He said he had been 21 years in the Southern states, and had just about started to sprout gills because of how humid the summers are back there.  Now though, they’re learning to enjoy “dry heat”…  Like in the 100s. The turkeys are back.  We haven’t seen much of them lately.  I figured they were not coming back since they cleared out the little woodlaturkey familynd from the adjoining property last Spring, but evidently they had other ideas.  A couple of moms brought the kids by to clean up the spilled bird seed out by the bird feeders this evening.  We always get a kick out of them.  They’re in the “so ugly they’re cute” category, wouldn’t you say?

I missed a couple of photo ops in service this weekend.  But, last week we saw some Kildeer on a lawn.  There were two of them, but they were running interference for one another so were spread out too far to get both of them in the picture.    It wasn’t until after I was looking at the pictures that I noticed I’d gotten a picture of a bumblebee too. Kildeer and bumblebee It’s over on the right side of the picture on one of the flowers.    So, yeah, I guess I’m the bird lady now.

One thing we’re seeing more and more of these days are empty houses.  Nice homes that used to have a family living in them, little yards that someone had put in and tended are now just getting overgrown with grasses and weeds and the flowers aren’t being tended.  It’s so sad.  People are losing their homes and just having to walk away from their dreams.

Well – Monday arrives bright and early tomorrow.  Guess there’s no changing that fact.  Sometimes, the weekends just don’t seem long enough, you know?


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