by SmithorJones on February 16, 2009

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seanapt-230Hard to believe this guy’s all grown up now.  He recently got his own place, and as of the middle of February 2009 he’s his own “boss.”  Well, you know, Dad’s still nearby in an advisory capacity.  He got a nice little one bedroom apartment just a few blocks away from home.  He and Dad emptied out his room (amazing how much stuff was actually IN there!) on Saturday.  Meanwhile, I culled things from our kitchen that he could take for cooking and such.  We had an extra little drop-leaf round pedestal kitchen table to give him, and he took his seat at our kitchen table (literally!) so he’s got a chair for the dining area.

Some friends here are pretty excited for him and want to do a little house-warming, and others have offered to give him things they have extra .  So, he’s going to have a nice little space when it’s all said and done.

It’s got a lot of storage, two hall closets and a linen cupboard, as well as the closet in the bedroom and lots of storage in the kitchen AND a pantry.  So, he’s got a sweet little set-up.  Still pending the actual furniture, but we’re confident that won’t take long.  He already knows a few of the other tenants at the apartment complex, friends from our current and old congregation live there too.  So, that’s about as good as it could get for a fledgling to spread his wings in this day and age.  So far…so good!

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