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by SmithorJones on June 16, 2008

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This guy (click “Read more” for his picture – and all pics will “embiggen” if you click on them) hangs out right underneath the faucet that I use to water the lawn with. I have never been a real fan of lizards, but the little blue belly ones don’t really SCARE me like these guys do. Farrah Faucet LizardSo far, we have learned to just ignore one another. I have to reach down thru spider webs to get to that faucet too – yet another thing that gives me the creeps. There is a pretty industrious spider that lives there. I have not seen it – and I do not have any desire to – so again – we are also ignoring one another.

Nuthatch diving for sunflower seedsWe have some really pretty birds hanging around. I can’t get their pictures with my equipment though, because they fly away too fast for me to get into range. I think they’re Grosbeaks, but not sure yet. Stay tuned…maybe I’ll actually get a picture yet. But, I did catch one of these little nuthatch types today demonstrating their technique for finding the sunflower seeds in the seed feeder:

You gotta love a bird with a plan, heh?



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