Golf Baby

by SmithorJones on February 2, 2009

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The weekend dawned mild. It’s hard to believe it’s winter here, since the days are getting up around 70 degrees, and the mornings dawn crisp and cool, but clear and promising a mild day. Our weekend was a busy one, but we had good experiences. Spent time with friends, some we hadn’t seen in a year or so, some we just hadn’t had time to spend time with lately.

The superbowl ads were, as we’d come to expect – some bizarre, some just knee-slappers. My favorite new one is “Golf Baby.” Love the “Shank-o-potamus” line! The ETRADE Baby.

So, bummer of a game if you were pulling for the Cardinals, but at least the E-Trade ads were fun – actually so was the game and a few other of the ads, but I really was hoping the Cards could pull this one off.

We watched the game with good friends who fed us yummy grilled tri-tip sandwiches, potato salad, snacks, shrimp cocktail and chocolate cake and coffee for dessert. It really was a nice way to round out a weekend.

The snack we brought was pretty tasty too.


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