Drink up!

by SmithorJones on June 14, 2008

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First thing in the mornings, I go out to the yard to refill hummingbird feeders, and give the potted plants a drink and possibly set the sprinkler to go on a dry spot in the lawn. This morning was the same routine.

I keep the watering can full because if the hose is otherwise occupied – watering the lawn with our little old rickety sprinkler – then I might forget to water the potted plants.

So, this morning…hummies are fed, lawn sprinkler is going and I grab the plastic watering can and begin to give the potted plants a drink. Last time I used the watering can I noticed there were a couple of oak leaves in the spout, made a mental note to get those out – and of course promptly forgot, because my mental notes don’t last all that long. So, anyway – there I was this morning watering, and then PLUNK! – the water stopped coming out of the spout. “Hmmm….that’s odd,” thinks I. “Those oak leaves never did that before.” I tried again. Nothing came out.

So, I set the can down and leaned down to get a closer look. Oy. An unpleasing “odeur” emanated. I could see something poking out the spout.

Mouse in watering can spout.

It did not resemble oak leaves. It had whiskers and a cute little nose. Apparently, a mouse had ventured onto the porch for a little refreshment, and ended up becoming much more saturated than he’d originally intended.

Eeeek! 😯

So, anyway, the morning watering routine changed some for today. I finally got the spout cleared and the routine has been reset and ready for the next time. Hopefully, the rest of the local rodent population will look for safer water sources.


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