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by SmithorJones on May 7, 2016

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Well, it’s been a while, heh?  (We’ve even moved to a different house since the last post.  Not far, but it was still a M O V E – not fun!)  We had lots of help from our friends though, and it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been.  We got a little place with flowers planted everywhere – the front porch looks like THIS in the early spring…and that’s just one tiny corner of the yard.  We had some good rain this year, and the trees and flowers have really give us a beautiful show for it.

I’m thinking of taking the blog in a slightly different direction.  Before, I had my crafty things on a separate blog, and then tried to keep this one mostly about stuff going on around us, but it got to be a bit much to handle, and pretty soon things came to a halt.  It’s a shame to just leave the blog hanging for years though, so I think I’ll start just combining it all here.  Michael will still have his Insurance Business web site at mpmyers.com and who knows, maybe he’ll be putting up a music history post or two over here at SmithAndTheJonesGirl now and then.  (He mostly does that over on Facebook these days.)   So, stay tuned, and lets see what we can come up with for this blog’s future.


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