Vertical Space – and other bright ideas.

by SmithorJones on January 31, 2011

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shelvingWe live in a fairly small rental.

The key words in that sentence being “small” and “rental”.  Not much leeway for making changes with someone else’s property.

So, in the interests of making a little more storage space, with the smallest amount of “injury” to the structure, one day recently an idea blossomed in my little brain.

These things take time. We have, after all, lived in this fairly small rental now for almost seven years.

There’s a little laundry room right off the kitchen, and the laundry room has a built in deep sink, which, in theory, is kind of cool, but in actual use – rarely used. It ended up being kind of a “bin” for putting things I hadn’t found a space for.  So,  I asked Smitty if he’d go get me some wood and a little paint. He had the lumber yard cut things to the lengths I thought I needed (turned out it wasn’t quite right but we figured things out as we went along and had a friend trim them up again). I placed 1×2 furring strips around the three sides of the area above the sink, then just dropped the painted shelves in..and before long, I had more storage space discretely tucked away above the deep sink in the laundry room.

I reserved the lowest shelf for some pantry items that I’d been wrangling in the pantry trying to find space for them. I still have room to use the deep sink, but mostly it’s still used as a holding area for the small vacuum attachments. 🙂 They’re easily removed if I need to use the sink…so not a problem.

Interestingly, I found as I worked in there, that the sink is a really nice work-space height for me, plus the lighting in there is good, so I’m going to finish (read “paint”) some of the leftover wood for a removable counter-top to lay across the sink when I’m crafting.

Also interesting was just HOW MUCH STUFF that deep sink stored! I was a little amazed at just how much I drug outta there! I even found a bag of onions that were in perfectly good shape. Can’t say the same for the bag of potatoes in the pantry – they have taken on a life of their own and are now needing to be planted outside. I guess the next trip to Lowe’s will be for soil to plant the taters in.

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