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Quilt show in Sonora

by SmithorJones on September 22, 2010

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Smitty is such a good sport. Money’s tight, and still he’s willing to drive me over to Sonora, PAY to get in, and traipse through a quilt show put on by the Sierra Quilt Guild. He even got into the spirit of things, and judged and voted on his favorite quilts. Smitty at Quilt Show It gave me the opportunity to teach him a little bit about what makes a good quilt “good” – but mostly he just selected the ones he liked best. I haven’t been to a quilt show in a few years, and have been so immersed in knitting that I’ve lost touch with the latest trend in quilting. I was a bit surprised – although not a lot – at how much machine quilting has surpassed hand quilting. And we’ve got some pretty amazing machine quilters around these parts it seems.

Since my sister is a machine-quilter – who really needs a web site to advertise that fact – I decided any photographs I took of the hundreds of quilts displayed would feature quilting motifs that I thought were pretty cool. So, these aren’t necessarily my favorite quilts – in fact I’m kicking myself now for not at least photographing the one bed size quilt I decided I’d call my favorite (it was really hard to choose just one though) – but rather I wanted to catch the imaginative or just plain “cool” motifs quilted into these quilts.

Another thing I’d have taken note of (hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?) if I’d been thinking, was the actual name of the person who did the quilting. I didn’t do that. There is one woman, first name “Dee”, who was featured prominently as the quilter of a LOT of the quilts on display, and comments that she does “beautiful work” were heard frequently as we browsed through the show.

There were many vintage quilts on display too. Quilts from the 1800s mostly. Only one Crazy Quilt – also vintage made of woolens rather than “fancies” – but still fun to see displayed. This lovely YoYo quilt was displayed prominently in the first building we toured. There were a few other yoyo quilts in the show, usually as someone’s first quilt project. This one was one of the vintage quilts. It always stirs my imagination to see scrap quilts from bygone days. Just trying to imagine the grandmother or mother who cut all those scraps into the shapes she needed and compiled this quilt. I wonder if she had a large family, or if maybe a group of quilters got together and compiled the quilt. No end to the things an active imagination a can come up with – I guess.

This quilt was done as a violet theme. There were no violets actually in the fabrics, but the colors used, and the curved lines of the appliqued border puts you in mind of violets…and then – the machine quilter – used a violet pattern to quilt it with which I thought was very appropriate if not quite clever.

Now, normally a quilt made up of panels of fabric I save for giving as a quick baby gift. They’re fast, easy and take basic sewing skills. If it was a person’s first quilt (and there was a category for first quilt ever made by an adult and one for youths in this show) then I’d expect to see it in a show – but this one really showcased some machine quilter’s skill. Check out the motifs used in this adorable piggy quilt.
(click for larger size)

I love the “print” the quilter put into the pig’s dress, as well as the little piggys quilted into the borders – and then the rest was the generic meandering quilting that makes for a nice interesting texture that does not compete with the other motifs.

See what I mean about it being hard to choose a favorite bed-size quilt. This was not the one I voted for, but I sure did like the quilting on it.

Wish I’d photographed the hand-quilted one. Those were scarce as hen’s teeth, so it was probably a shoo-in for a winner. At least I hope so. It was a beautiful quilt. If I’m recalling correctly it was a Baltimore Album quilt, and the applique on it was equally exquisite. We were hurried by that time – they were trying to close the show for the day – so I didn’t take a picture.

In keeping with my “I never win contests” theme, or if I do I don’t collect.

Last, but not least: I was actually holding a winning ticket for the “door prize” drawing they were doing there. As you entered the quilt show, they entered your ticket into a door prize drawing and they’d write the ticket numbers down on sandwich boards placed outside each building. I’d dropped our two tickets down inside my bag – my huge knitting bag that I drag with me everywhere I go because it holds things like knitting, cameras and just about anything else I decide to drop down in there. As we were passing by the second building, I noticed one of our numbers written on the sandwich board! So, I started digging through the knitting bag for the winning ticket. I could find Smitty’s ticket – which was one number off – but mine is still hiding down inside. I’ll have to get it out and frame it…just to prove I’m a “winner.”

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