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Late summer 2010

by SmithorJones on August 19, 2010

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The mornings are lasting a bit longer now it seems. Lately, it’s still dark when I get up – back to the shorter days of waning summer.

The beauty of the parts of California where I’ve lived is, although it has the ability to get quite hot in the summertime, normally the nights cool down some and the mornings are often quite pleasant. I remember when we used to visit Tucson, Arizona, or have our summertime conventions in Fresno or Bakersfield, California – that feeling of surprise when I woke up and the mornings were still in the mid- to high 80s. I knew then that they were not places I’d adapt to living in very well. I don’t “do” heat gracefully – especially when there is no break from it.

This summer has been a bit milder than usual. We’ve flirted with triple digits a few times, but mostly it has stayed below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s been hot – but not as hot as it can get…and now, this morning, it occurred to me that we are in the days where the cool of the morning will last just a bit longer. It gets started sooner too, the cooler air in the evenings. Nice for my comfort. Not sure how that spells out for the farmers in the valley just below us, but I’m pleased with a restful night’s sleep.

The long wet winter we had was evidently good for the frog population too. We have had little frogs all summer long. Kind of fun to pour some water out of my watering can outside and have a little frog jump out. Much better than the dead mouse experience from a year or so ago.

Likely, we will have a few more weeks of the hot summer, but the promise of autumn’s cool evenings and shorter periods of heat during the day is within sight now. It’s like we’re on the home-stretch. I wonder if the pink crepe myrtle will have time to get her blossoms open before time for her leaves to start turning fall colors. She’s always been a late-bloomer. The white one next to her is in full bloom, and bees are happily tending the blossoms.

Nuggets Discovered:

  • There’s a new (to us) frozen yogurt place in Angels Camp. It’s been there probably since the first of this year or a bit before, but it took us until August to give it a try. We now seem to be trying to establish a “Yogurt Friday’s” tradition there – a nice treat at the end of the week, and usually either a trip to the drugstore nearby or Starbucks for coffee beans is included. It’s a self-serve yogurt place – kind of like a section of one of those all you can eat smorgasbord restaurants – you get your yogurt, and then they have a salad-bar style lay out of toppings to choose from. After you’re finished making your masterpiece frozen yogurt treat they weigh what you’ve built and charge you accordingly. Fortunately, it’s not convenient enough to be going there more often than a couple of times a month, but it’s a neat little shop.
  • They’re actually building a McDonald’s in Angels Camp in the same shopping center. Wow! I remember when we got our first McDonald’s in Atascadero – seems like 20 years ago or more now. I guess progress is making it’s way up into the foothills now.

I‘m going to be playing around with code on this blog just a bit. Hopefully I wont break anything, but just in case I do – that’s the reason.

Hope your summer’s moving along swimmingly! 😉

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