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Workin’ Man Blues

by SmithorJones on July 3, 2010

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Last month we took a drive up to Arnold, while Smitty worked as a Census man.  They were in the “double checking” phase of the census, and this is a quality control call.

On a rental cabin.

Where nobody actually LIVES.

But, they wanted to make sure whoever submitted those details got them straight – and that was Smitty’s job.  Keeping things straight.  So, he donned his workin’ man blues, and his Census ID and off we went to Arnold to the rental cabin section.   Tough job – but somebody had to do it!

The drive up was beautiful.  Spring had arrived so late this year, that they still had dogwood flowering at the higher elevation.  Ours had long since finished that beautiful phase and moved on to the pretty green leaves they show for the bulk of their season.

It was cool up in the mountains too – a nice break from the warm valley temps.

On the way down the mountain, we noticed that the Red Apple fruit stand was open. This little place is a neat stop on the road either going or coming from Arnold.  It belongs to a ranching family and it’s not open all year round – but when it IS open – they’ve got apples for sale from their farm, and other produce, as well as a few other things like applewood for your wood-burning stove, a mint-cocoa mix – (it looked like cocoa, sugar and broken up candy canes) in mason jars topped with a scrap of fabric and a ribbon and a few other unique items.  We  bought some apple syrup and some not so good end-of-the-season Fuji apples that I turned into applesauce.  (The applesauce was great. )

It’s a nice little stop-over.

The reason we did it?

They make apple donuts.

Smitty’s friend Steve the Carpet Guy has parted ways with Dr. Atkins more than once because of these donuts.  So, since they were open this day, I  suggested we stop in and let me see what all the fuss was about.

There are few things that put a smile on the face of Smitty – he’s a sobersides kinda guy – but you hand the guy an apple donut and he’s a happy camper.  I gave the donuts a “C+” – but I’m not much of a donut lover, so a person really can’t go by my opinion here.


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