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One Friday night in June

by SmithorJones on July 1, 2010

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We went to the coffee house “Common Grounds” in Valley Springs.

The coffee shop opens their terrace up to locals who want to have a little “concert” of a Friday evening. So, our friends performed this particular week.

I brought the knitting bag – since I rarely leave home without it – but most of the time was spent just listening and toe-tapping to music being performed by friends of ours.

Steve the guitar man started things off with songs us Baby Boomers were familiar with – and later his son Eric, another friend Ryan and then Kevin and the girls performed.

It started getting dark, so pretty soon it was time to wrap it up, but someone in the audience requested to hear Robbie sing a few songs.  Robbie usually performs too, but this night he wasn’t planning to.  Steve loaned him his guitar, and Steve and Robbie did a couple of impromptu songs for an encore performance.

A good time – and lots of good coffee were had by all.  Not a bad price for a concert – the cost of a cup of coffee.  (And it’s the good stuff too – they buy their beans from Milone brothers in Modesto – the ones Smitty had blend his “Big Mike Blend” – which they now call “Breakfast Blend” and have regular customers who serve it in their restaurants.)

So, back to the performers here – Eric, age 16 – is pretty amazing to watch. That boy can flat play a guitar.  (I can’t help but wonder how amazing he’d be with music that I actually enjoy – because he made “metal” sound good and normally I just hear “noise” when I hear that type of music.)

I also wondered what in the world the drill was for.  Most of the evening went by and then finally the question was answered – why for playing the guitar with of course! (click pictures below to enlarge).

Who knew??

Murphy the miniature Aussie and Tula the French Bulldog were in the audience as well.  Tula was a bit shy and she tried to hide between everyone’s legs.  She was mostly just wanting to be picked up and held and protected from all the adoring fans she was gathering.

It was fun.

Hope we get to do it again soon.


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