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by SmithorJones on June 9, 2010

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It’s that time of year again! Of course, I have dedicated friends and family who don’t wait for it to be sunny and warm out – and they diligently use their clotheslines all year. My frugal friend Joanne doesn’t even own a clothes dryer anymore. She’s got a nice cable system set up in her garage (as do I – and I got the idea from her) to dry her clothes on. I just don’t have the patience to wait during the cold winter months for things to finally get dry, so tossed them in the dryer during that period. My mom has one of those neat little umbrella type clotheslines that she uses. It is “rotary clothesline” so if a breeze comes up, her laundry get’s kind of “tumbled” in the wind – making for much softer drying. (No cardboard towels!)

The only “problem” with the whole thing though – the clothespin bag. Those are fine if you have a clothesline that you can hang it on and push it ahead of you as you pin your laundry up. But if you’re going around in circles, or reaching overhead or reeling line in your garage – sometimes the clothespin bag on the line just isn’t as convenient as it could be.

So – how about a clothespin apron?!

At first my mom and I were thinking a “vest” like thing, and then we remembered “back in the day” aprons were a pretty good utilitarian piece of clothing. So, a simple search on Google turned up a couple of pages with the basic apron. Pretty easy to figure out, but if you’d prefer a pattern, I hear there’s one in this book:

I made my mom’s a little bit different – instead of a cute little sash to tie, I decided to make kind of a “belt” out of the fabric I’d used for the apron and some D-rings.

Since we were using quilting cotton type fabric, this apron has everything doubled – the pocket and the apron back – but if I were using a more substantial fabric like denim, canvas or a heavy twill, that would not have been necessary.

The pockets are very easy to get into and take things out of without allowing the pins to spill out. You can even clip them to the pocket if you needed one handy.

Inspiration for this project found here:

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