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by SmithorJones on May 13, 2010

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Roxy and Smitty

Have you ever noticed that our pets seem to gravitate towards the guests who aren’t necessarily “pet people”? It rarely ever fails – if we go visit friends, their cats and dogs all are drawn to Smitty. He doesn’t necessarily NOT like critters, he’s just not necessarily a critter person. A couple of seconds before I snapped this picture, he had one dog on either side of his chair. 🙂 Right before the shutter clicked the pup darted off after something even more interesting than a large talking human. “Roxy”, however, sat mesmerized wondering if he would also happen to have a tennis ball on him to throw for a new fur-covered, four-legged admirer.

This particular day, we had a storm blow through. It dropped half an inch of rain in a few minutes time, and we were kind of wondering if our friends were still planning to have us over, or if it would be called off. As it turned out, the rain skipped them except for just a little bit, and it stayed away for the entire time we were there. Next day, it was back and dropped another 0.8 inch at our house.

It has sure been an exciting winter/spring around the foothills. One of the local reservoirs that we’ve been kind of keeping an eye on, has come up to finally cover over the old dam that usually likes beneath the waters. It was completely exposed just a few months ago.hogan We went up there to see it last weekend, and found, not only was it finally under water again (the area over on the right hand side, where those floaty things are is where the old dam lies beneath) – but another local had taken that opportunity to serenade the wildlife with a little fiddle music.fiddler at hogan

That’s kind of how things fly here in the foothills of the Sierra. Folks are taking the time to actually experience life as it happens.

It’s quite different from the hurried pace of city life. I guess that may be why so many who live here have moved here from the larger cities. They’re refugees…”refugin’, if you will” (to borrow a phrase from Ulysses Everett McGill) and enjoying the opportunity to watch the water levels rise in their local reservoirs. 😉

Frog Jump – or the Calaveras County Fair – is coming up next week.  We still haven’t been to it since I’ve lived up here.  Hoping to rectify that this year.  If it happens – no doubt there will be pictures to share here.

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