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One Saturday in Spring

by SmithorJones on May 8, 2010

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What a pretty day it was.  Perfect weather for being outside.  We went in service in the morning, and then after lunch we went down to the park and took a walk for a bit.  We had planned after that just to go to the local feed store for some ant spray – the little darlings are out in force now that it has warmed up.  After the stop at the feed store – where there were troughs full of peeping baby chicks to admire while we were being waited on – we decided to drive over to Sonora.


Smitty’s friend Scott, who works for the coffee folks, had told him about a new coffee shop that is carrying their coffee, so we’d been wanting to go try it out.  Off we went.  (It also just happens to be a hop skip and a jump away from the yarn store – so of course there was that to look forward to as well.)  Evidently, we just missed a lot of traffic and congestion earlier in the day.  It was the Sonora Rodeo – which they ring in with a big parade on this street, and then everyone heads over to the fairgrounds for the big event.  This made parking in town not too bad this time – since all the action was elsewhere today.  There were of course the usual amount of tourists doing the shops on the main street, but Sonora Joe’s was pretty quiet.  Well, except for one patron who was in there holding court and talking loud enough for everyone’s attention.


We got our coffee and a scone – Smitty got a Cafe Milano and I got an Americano.  They did a nice job with the Americano, and Cafe Milano is always a good choice.  The place is well stocked with those Torani syrups – and they do Italian Soda drinks.  Their prices aren’t too bad.  The scones were “real” scones – not the real sweet ones that I prefer.  But it was a nice little stop, and we will definitely look forward to stopping in there next time we’re in town.

Cup of coffee


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