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by SmithorJones on May 3, 2010

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Well, “Spring” changed it’s mind for a week or two in April, and a winter storm or two stopped by – but it appears we are back on track again for May.  The hillsides and meadows are covered in wildflowers and the red bud trees are in full bloom.  This picture is of a rose bush over in Fairfield at the Assembly Hall there – taken in April – and just after I snapped the picture it started to rain.

Our rainfall totals are the best we’ve had in a few years, so what a relief!  It’s great to see the streams running again – and folks down there panning for gold.  I wonder how much they find when they do that – but it’s always fun to see them out after a good soaking rain has come through the foothills.

Our friends have started a blog.  It’s called 40 Years of Frugal.  40 Yrs of Frugal shares tips on how to trim your living expenses, and live a clean/green lifestyle.  She’s one of my favorite people.  You really should see her garden.  It’s always a treat to stop by there and see what’s blooming/growing.

And while we’re on the subject of other folks’ blogs – here’s a recipe we tried this week from Homespun Living.  When next I make it – because boy is it yummy – I will be cutting the rhubarb into smaller pieces.  I don’t really like big chunks of rhubarb to chew up.  Too tart for my taste.  She is absolutely right though – serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.  Oh baby!  That’s GOOD eatin’.   Smitty bought a SMALL container of ice cream since I’d gotten the idea I just had to try this recipe.  That way we weren’t left with a bunch of ice cream to eat after this foray into calorie-laden cuisine.

On the garden front here – we’re container gardening again.  Not really much planned though except another attempt at tomatoes, and we found some potato starts 90% off at Lowes – so we have those also in containers.  Eventually need to move them to something larger, but mostly I just wanted to get them PLANTED in something – since the whole 90% off thing was because they were at the end of their shelf life and had started growing in the bag they were packaged in.  I also found a grape vine in the same predicament that day – doubt it will actually grow – but planted it anyway.

I’m hiding the things I want to survive out front (hiding them from the deer) amongst my herbs.  The flat leaf parsley has gone to seed though, so I may be having to re-plant that soon…unless it reseeds itself.


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