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Springtime in the Foothills

by SmithorJones on March 25, 2010

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Arguably the most beautiful season – arguably because I think it ties with Autumn and Winter.   Summer – well, summer’s just plain hot.  And busy.  And probably has it’s strong points too, but we’re just too hot and busy to notice them.

So, anyway – back to springtime.  Just barely getting started and it’s just plain beautiful out there.  Nothing like a nice wet winter to fill the creeks and streams up and give the wildflower seeds a reason to germinate.

The beginning of Spring flowers – like daffodils and apparently flowering quince – have reached their zenith already. IMG_9278 Now we’re seeing iris and fruit trees blossoming – and all the other trees beginning to leaf out.

The grass is thick and cattle have been moved over to the pastures to graze it down.   Ponds have filled up – so I’m sure the mosquitoes are rejoicing.  Hopefully the dragonflies are too.  And – the hummingbirds have returned!  My porch is buzzing with them fighting over the feeders.

Just down the street from us, we walk past the most charming little home built on the bank of a creek. creekcamelia-600 The rock wall that borders their yard is covered with moss and a renegade camellia bush blossoms like it’s in a well-tended garden as it sits on the bank of the creek next to a scrub oak.

I wish I was a braver photographer.  This place is so nice but I don’t want to go all papparazzi on them so I just take a picture here and there of the edges of their place.

mosswall-600It’s got just the right amount of interesting things in the yard without looking cluttered, and you can tell that someone with a good eye for design has worked hard to make it look like a peaceful and even a little bit playful garden.  This wall runs the width of their property.   This view is in the direction of the street, so just behind me was the creek.  cameliastream-350The creek that the camelia bush had evidently decided needed a bit of embellishment…

They also have a dead tree that they made into a bird-house tree.  All of the upper limbs have a bird house of various sizes attached to them.  I think it sits outside what might be the kitchen, although hard to tell that or if birds actually make use of it.  It makes you smile though – so mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned.


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