by SmithorJones on February 9, 2010

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This blog looks dangerously close to becoming “The Weather Channel.”  I guess it has been pretty exciting to watch the end of a drought happen, especially when it brought fun things like snow to our front door.  For now though, this little spot at the foot of the Sierras is quiet and sort of on auto-pilot as it rides out the winter months.  Nothing newsworthy weather-wise.  We continue to get little bouts of rain bringing about half an inch here and there.  The higher elevations are getting a generous helping of snow, all of which means the reservoirs will continue to fill.  They’re still quite low though, so lots more needed and hoped for.

Meanwhile, back at the knitting chair…

I usually put these things over on my knitting blog, but sometimes I post them here just to change things up a bit.  And, like I said – things looked like they needed changing up.

Recently, I found this book:

Well, that’s not entirely true – recently I OBTAINED this book. I’ve been wanting it for a while…it just wasn’t really something I could convincingly define as “groceries” or “utilities” or “gas” – so I didn’t have it. I actually can’t remember now how I came to the conclusion that it was time to buy it – could have been one of those moments where you decide you want it enough it doesn’t need to be justified…and it was 40% off at KnitPicks.com – so I got it.  Amazon also carries it for around the same price.

It is really hard to choose one project – because they’re all so stinking cute!  I finally settled on the Princess and the Pea, because it has the story that goes with it, and that seems like really a neat idea – to make a toy that goes with a story to gift to a child.  I got the princess done in an evening (bless her heart – it’s a good thing she’s a princess as I doubt “looks” will be taking her far in life) while watching reruns of a TV series we’d missed for the past year.  Her dress is not yet finished, but will be soon – and then I’ll start on her mattresses and the Pea.  I’ll post updates to either this blog or my knitting blog as the project progresses along.

pippo_400I’m not sure, but the next project could very well be this cute little hippo made from – I believe – sock yarn leftovers.

There are a few dolls in here that are two sided – where one critter becomes the base, and the other’s skirt drapes down over the top to reveal the other doll.  There are a couple of hand puppets, and a sock monkey of a different color.  Oh the possibilities!

The book is made nicely too – it’s spiral bound so it lays nice and flat.

Susan B Anderson, the author, has published other “Itty Bitty” books as well.  You’ll see those over on Amazon if you click the book link.  (Click the picture of the book, it’ll take you over to Amazon if you want to see her other books.)

It’s a fun way to use up leftover yarn – or a great excuse to purchase more yarn.  Either way – it’s a win/win the way I see it!


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