Foggy morning in the foothills.

by SmithorJones on December 18, 2009

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We usually don’t get the fog here at our little spot, but every now and then, the valley just gets more than it can hold, I guess, and it creeps on up the foothills to pay us a brief visit.  It was gone almost as quickly as it arrived, and the day was mild and pleasant.

It turned in to one of those days where there was a lot of “busy work” for Smitty, and since I had finished my work early, I was free to work on some sewing projects I’ve had going.   Finished one too – my mom’s flannel PJ’s.

I love the pattern I have for pajamas.  It’s simple, multi-sized (so I could trace her size off of the pattern), very logical, and maybe only one tricky part to it, but really even that’s a breeze.  And best of all, they’re so comfortable you run the risk of not changing out of your PJ’s before noon.  The pattern is here.  I think I’ve made about six or eight pair from this one pattern now, so pretty sure I’ve gotten my money’s worth.  IMG_9042I love Dana Bontrager’s patterns.  They fit.  And they aren’t rocket science to figure out.

I put chenille trim around the collar and cuffs and pocket.  Just a fun touch for a pair of flannel PJ’s.

And speaking of fun touches – a there’s a monogram too…I specialize in “fun touches” (like the miss-matched buttons). 😉

IMG_9051The buttons came out of my great grandmother’s button box. I will understand though if my mom feels like she wants to change them for more appropriate ones. But, for now, we’ve recycled some family “heirlooms.”

Don’t you just love how frugal our grandparents were? I imagine that just about any garment that got worn out had the buttons harvested before the garment was disposed of – added to the rag bag or maybe became part of a quilt. I do similarly with worn out shirts – as they get too worn out to wear, I remove the buttons. I actually have a shirt pattern cut out and waiting it’s turn in the WIP pile for Smitty. It will have recycled (tho matching) buttons – because I have a baggie full of shirt buttons that I’ve saved off his old shirts. Just like my great grandmother did. If this pattern (new to me) is a hit, I’ll post a link to it. It’s from another one of my sewing favorites, but it will be my first time using her patterns, so can’t endorse it yet.

So, the next project in the queue – well, it could be any one of many, I actually have this same pattern cut out for me, and then it will be probably the shirt just mentioned. I usually have a number of things either “brewing” as ideas or waiting their turn in the work in progress pile – waiting patiently for the next Foggy Friday morning where everything just kind of lines up and falls into place obediently and makes way for a little creative time.


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