Every now and then … it snows!

by SmithorJones on December 8, 2009

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As winter approaches each year in the foothills, I always say – “I hope it snows.”  It has snowed once since I have lived here.  Well, now it’s twice.  We just do not live at high enough altitude for us to get snow.  Usually.

The snow is always nearby though, and if we have a need to actually be in it, it might be a 10-minute drive and we’ll be smack dab in the middle of snow.  I just like to walk out my front door into it sometimes.  Smitty – not so much.  He has no need for cold snow on the ground.  He prefers his driving to be as hazard-free as possible, and enjoys the ability to get out of his driveway at will.carsnow-300

This week’s snow didn’t hem him in too much.  He just had to wait a little longer (for the driveway snow to melt) for his daily drive to the postoffice.  Nice, cooperative snow.  Pretty, but not a hindrance.  How spoiled can you get?

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