Rainy day Friday

by SmithorJones on January 23, 2009

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“If you have much, give your wealth.
If you have little, give your heart.” — Arab proverb

I dumped 1.3 inches from the rain gauge this morning…not bad for a day and a half’s worth of rain, at least for our neck of the woods. It looks (and sounds!) more like Springtime out there than the dead of winter though. The birds are singing, and frogs croaking. I guess they’re enjoying the change too.

Not too much new around the homestead yet, but have a couple of “maybes” pending. Meanwhile, we just keep to the day-to-day routine of surviving. I’ve been in doll clothes making mode lately. Among other things, I crochet’d this little beret. IMG_5690It’s too big for my dolls, but a friend of mine collects little dolls that have larger heads and while I didn’t have one of her dolls here to try it on, I tried it on the larger fashion doll that I have to see if I could get an approximately right size for her dolls. (Wanted to surprise her with it.) So, I told her it might be too big, but hoped it’d work on one of her dolls – and she said it worked just fine! Yaaay!

These are super easy to make, and although I never thought I’d be a thread crocheter – that’s what they’re made from – crochet thread and one of those little steel hooks. I used to manage a web site for a lady who sells crochet stuff, and she payed me in things like crochet and tatting threads, and patterns for said crochet thread. (Although the hat isn’t one of those patterns.) So, anyway – I have a small stash of some really nice quality crochet thread, that’s been waiting for me to dip my toe into that metaphorical pond. The Barbies all have hats now…at least most of them who are on display in my office do, as well as a few of another friend’s Barbies… Hey. Cheap thrills. And fun little things to make for gifts for friends who can appreciate them.


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