Wireless N and a new modem.

by SmithorJones on August 14, 2009

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We needed an economical answer to our DSL being a pain in the neck. AT&T sent their person out when we called and said something along the lines of “um, howcome we pay for fast stuff and we get slow stuff?” He came out and said “not my fault – it’s your router.” Well, we had no way of knowing whether that was true or not – although we doubted it. We were thinking at least he could have offered to replace the old modem with a new one so we would know for sure if that was the case. No doubt there’s some way of testing that but – well, if we were computer nerds we wouldn’t have had to call tech support, right? So, anyway – we decided to see what other options were available. This one ended up being our choice. Works great too! (If you go to that page on Amazon.com and scroll down you will see the little adaptor thing that is a good idea to purchase along with it – that’s for your wireless computers and it speaks the “N” language to the router so your wireless computers will zing along at the faster speed along with any that you have plugged directly into the modem/router.) So, who knows – could have been our older (it was relatively new) Wireless G router, could have been the modem – or both. So, we replaced them both, and finally Smitty’s world is less frustrating. Now if he could just get the fax machine to work.


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