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by SmithorJones on August 5, 2009

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hummy-75Well, the garden ended up pretty much a bust.  Although, it has taught me some things I had either forgotten or didn’t know about deer.  One fascinating little tidbit is the fact that they eat butterfly bushes UNLESS you companion plant them with thyme and/or sedum.  I have two plants  in the ground out front – one has flowers and is happy as a clam unscathed by the browsing deer, and the other is still just trying to survive it’s nightly pruning.  The one that they leave alone has sedum angelina at it’s base – a low growing ground cover type sedum –  as well as a nice growth of thyme next to it on the other side.  I plan to repeat that process for the other butterfly bush as soon as possible.

The other thing is, apparently anything planted with parsley is safe.  I have a pot with Italian flatleaf parsley in it, as well as various other plants that I was just trying to get started, and they are all undisturbed.  Of course the deer also leave lavender alone, as well as many other “deer resistant” plants that nurseries will be happy to help you with if you’re wondering.

I put the cucumbers and what was left of the little tomato plants in the back yard where there’s a fairly good fence – but no water, so I have to carry water back there to them.  The tomatoes are still too tiny to ever produce this season, but the cucumber is nice and big.  We may get something from it.  A friend also gave me some leftover strawberry plants to put in the pots and they seem to be doing well – maybe we’ll get a strawberry or two before the summer ends.

One thing about August – it’s hot, but it’s made the turn from long days to waning ones, so it won’t be long now and we can look forward to cooler evenings with the sun going down earlier.

Smitty and I took a trip back home this past weekend.  We attended my aunt’s funeral.  It was so nicely done.   It was great to get together with family and longtime friends.   Sad that the guest of honor couldn’t be there to enjoy it all  – I’m sure she would have loved it.  We cherish the Bible’s hope of seeing our loved ones again in the resurrection that Jesus promised.  Meanwhile, we will miss these dear ones while they sleep in death.

After the gathering was finished the kids collected the table “centerpieces” which were cut sunflowers.  They played with them a bit, and then brought them home and carefully placed them in bowls of water on the kitchen counter (the stems had been trimmed short by the decoration crew).   Isn’t it always the “little things” that make life worthwhile and memorable?

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