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by SmithorJones on July 7, 2009

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I love seeing progress photos of things.  I also enjoy showing progress photos.  I had great hopes of showing the garden go from the first little sprout to a fruitful bounty (hey, it’s my delusion, I can make it however I want).

Now, I’m realistic enough to know that we live in an area where even oak trees have trouble growing.  It took me a couple of years to recognize the oak trees up here after I first moved to the foothills. They’re just little stunted looking things.

I grew up on the coastal area of California and we have large, luxuriant oaks there – huge heavy things that, when they decide to fall or split – you’d best hope you don’t have anything of value underneath them.  There was a woman who was active in protecting and preserving the oaks in my home town.  (Builders come in and just want to remove them – so she took a stand against that and saved them from removal.)  And then one day the oak out in front of her house decided to split in two and it caved in the roof of her house. After all she’d done in it’s behalf, that was the thanks she got!

But I digress…

I realize that this is not exactly the “garden spot” of California.  It’s just above that.  I wasn’t expecting anything from my soil.  It can barely grow grass.  So, I bought pots – and potting soil.  First it was going to just be a tomato pot.  Then, we got to thinking maybe we’ll grow a couple of other things and have a little garden.  So, we planted seeds or bought a couple of starts.  And we bought more pots and more soil, and before long we had a couple of tomato pots, some herbs, a few flowers, and a cucumber planted. Smitty decided that should be about enough.

Apparently, the deer felt similarly.

After weeks of watching them grow and progress, and hoping I’d planted them in time to produce a little harvest – I have found the following to be true.

  • Deer are not partial to herbs. At least not the ones I have planted.
  • Deer are not partial to marigolds.
  • Deer are quite partial to squash plants, pepper plants, tomato sprouts and cucumber plants.
  • Deer also like tender fronds from mimosa trees, and baby fruit trees like peach and pomegranate.
  • Deer will be happy to keep your roses pruned of any unsightly blossoms.

Before Deer/After Deer Progress Photos:

See the first picture below? (Click it – it will get bigger – then use your “Back” button to get back here.)  I took it because it was cute watching these little birds take a birdbath in the water on the crepe myrtle leaves from the sprinkler going on the lawn.  I’ve always loved the little creatures around me. In the background of this picture, you can see the fronds from the little mimosa tree “twig” I’ve been hoping would eventually grow into a tree…these things apparently take years – at least in this soil.  Maybe it will be a scrub mimosa some day.

I am currently not feeling the love for Bambi.

Just sayin’.


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