Summer Progress

by SmithorJones on July 5, 2009

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Summer finally kicked in to high gear. We were treated to 108 degree weather for a day and then it cooled down to the high 90s to 100s. This always makes me think longingly of Fall/Winter. Summer would be fine if it would just behave itself! I guess folks who live in harsh winter climates probably feel that way about winter. One nice thing that happens this time of year on our front porch – is the hummingbird “population explosion”. IMG_8041

So far, a camera can’t capture the real picture of just how many we have. Well, at least not my camera. With me running it. I imagine the right equipment in the right hands could accomplish that.

I continue to push the limits of my point & shoot Canon’s abilities trying to get a good picture of these little flying jewels. These guys perch on the crepe myrtle either waiting for a chance at the feeder, or to chase off newcomers… meanwhile about 30 or 40 more fight over the feeders.hummyboy

I finally was able to order a new hummingbird feeder from Dr. JB’s.  Even though it’s a great deal, up until now we never felt like the splurge was a good idea.  However, we just celebrated our sixth anniversary, and I had coincidentally just kind of broken one of my other feeders, so it seemed like it might be justified.  (No, I didn’t break it on purpose!)IMG_7614

The new feeder is on it’s way here from Indiana.  I’ve been tracking it’s progress with FedEx – and last I checked it had made it to North Salt Lake City, UT.  So, their ETA of July 8th, looks about right.

The garden is still growing.  So far no fruit, but the plants are all still alive, so that’s a plus!  It got a late start, so I need to be more patient, but I can’t help but get a little anxious wondering if I planted it too late.  Now if I can just convince the wild turkeys to not take their dust baths in the squash plantings…

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