Squash baby!

by SmithorJones on June 9, 2009

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img_7393I was one of those kids who’d get all excited over the bean growing in the milk carton full of cotton that we’d plant as a group project in kindergarten.  I even looked forward to my son getting the same assignment when he started school a few decades ago.  So even though I know these plants will sprout and eventually grow up, I still get a big thrill over the first sightings of the whole process working again.  I mean really – how amazing is it that this earth is just so well-designed that we can stick a seed in dirt and it will grow food for us? Or, in this case one of us – the other of us here hates squash…which sort of amazes the squash lover.  What’s not to love here?  This is a yellow crookneck.  Garden space is limited since we’re doing container gardening so I picked the one I look forward to the most.

Smitty wanted to grow spinach too, so we’re giving that a try.  It’s also sprouted, as are the tomatoes.  We planted some already-sprouted cucumbers and peppers too.  So, yeah – not a great big garden, but hopefully a decent salad.  And of course a cheap thrill for at least one of us to watch as it all starts growing.


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