Packing for the convention…

by SmithorJones on June 5, 2008

in Hummingbirds, JonesGirl

Remember when packing for a convention didn’t require quite so many cords?

Convention necessities

We’re headed off for our convention this weekend. I feel a little bit concerned over the hummingbirds. They’ve come to expect full feeders here, so of course now I worry in their behalf (needlessly, I know).

I came up with a possible solution though. They really don’t like the red nectar – but will drink it if there’s nothing else available. And, really, there are plenty of flowers around the area they could feed from if they want. So, for the weekend, they get the red nectar in the feeders as a last-resort option. At least that way they won’t go completely without while they re-think their routines. Red stuff in feederI got this look in response to the new arrangement this morning:


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